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    Satish Verma

    “when connection between AL and Moon breaks death comes”

    “7th and 12th from AL is going out”

    So I tried Moon’s Naksatra Progression from AL and Results here for further discussions

    Sanjay Gandhi

    AL – Tula 1deg. 25 min (take lg degree) that is chitra nak.

    Death- 34th year running

    34-27= 7

    chitra no. 14 nak +7=21-1= no. 20th nak p.shada in Dhanu rasi

    Trine to mars and mars is 7th lord from AL

    Indira Gandhi

    AL – Mesha 27 deg 36 min (take lg degree) that is krittika nak

    Death- 67th year running


    Krittika no. 3 nak+7=10-1= no. 9th nak  aselesha in karka rashi

    7th from AL not in trine to Mars or 7th to Saturn

    Take 7th from AL as functional Al that is Tula 27 deg 36 min in Visakha nak. No.16

    16+7=23-1= nak no. 22 Sravana in Makar rasi

    It is 7th from Saturn and 12th co-lord Rahu aspecting it

    Elizabeth taylor

    AL – kumbh 20 deg 17 min (take lg degree) that is P.bhadrapada

    Death- 80th year running

    80-54(2c)= 26

    P.bhadrapada no. 25th+26=51-27=24-1=no. 23rd nak dhanista in makar and kumbh rasi

    Trine to Mars and 7th lord from AL is connected

    Gianni Versace

    AL – leo 10 deg 21 min (take lg degree) that is magha nak

    Death- 51st year running

    51-27= 22

    Magha no. 10+22=32-27=5-1= no. 4 nak rohini In vrasha rasi

    No connection found

    But if we consider 7th from AL as functional AL because 7th is stronger having a planet and if we follow rule of Ketu in Lagna than—

    Functional AL is Kumbh 10 deg 21 min that is Satbhisha nak no. 24

    24+4=28-1= no. 27 nak Revati in Meena rasi

    Trine to Mars and 7th lord from Functional AL sun is with Mars

    Muhammed Ali

    AL – Mesha 26 deg 29 min (take lg degree) that is Krittika nak no. 3

    Death- 75th year running


    21+3=24-1= nak no. 23rd dhanista in makar and kumbh rasi

    Mars is in own sign so take Saturn but here no connection found

    Possible reasons ???

    Mars and Saturn in AL both are adverse to creator/over lord of AL Moon

    Mars debilitate Moon and Saturn does stambhana to Moon

    Coco Chanel

    AL – Kumbh 7 deg 27 min (take lg degree) that is Satbhisha nak no. 23

    Death – 88th year running


    23+7=30-27=3-1= nak no.2 rohini in vrash rasi

    Not in trine to mars or 7th to Saturn

    Take functional AL in Leo 7 deg 27 min that is Magha nak no. 10

    10+7=17-1=nak no. 16 Visakha in Tula and Vrschik rasi

    In Tula it is trine to Mars and 7th lord from Functional AL Rahu is there








    Sanjay Rath

    Satish can you upload a document like say a word document with charts for me to study.

    Jyotish is very difficult to do without visual aid of charts.

    You are on the RIGHT PATH. Just keep going slowly and steadily and understand thjat trines refers to ‘Trikona drsti’ of Mangal. I suggest you study this very carefully.

    I think you can attach documents. If not let me know


    Satish Verma

    Respected Guruji

    saadar pranam

    thanks for your MARGDARSHAN. i will upload word document with charts. i was also thinking about trine to Mars and 7th to Saturn but got no conclusion. now i am reviewing the concept of trine and concept of drsti. does it is connected to tattva of planet Mars and Saturn and  Gati of tattva related to creation and dissolution?


    Satish Verma

    uploading word file

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Sanjay Rath

    Brilliant work Satish. Please finalise document for use in the JD. You can quote me for the dictum and give charts to confirm the events of death

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