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    Om Gurave Namah

    Dear Guruji,Sarbaniji and members,

    In chart of Mahatma Gandhi,AL should be in Karka rashi so 7.h from Karka is Makara rashi,which has the connection with go away from the planet.He had Ch in Aslesha and we calculated that 25th star from Ch in Aslesha is Ardra Nakshatra (no 6), ruled by Rudra.Ardra Nakshatra is in trines to Mangal but it is not in trines to Makara rashi (7.h from AL).. Ma is not in its own sign so we should not look at Saturn..So,what should we take as a connection with Makara rashi or it is enough that the death star is in trines of Mangal? Guruji,could you please clarify this?

    What I noticed in all charts is that the death star is always in 12.h from Ch or in 7/8th from AL.I suppose that this has influence on the moment when connection between the Moon and AL breaks.

    Sutra 1.35

    I tried one more time to understand Sutra 1.35..


    I think that 4th from Sy in Mesha ( Skanda,savya chakra) is Makara rashi in heliocentric system.The planets move in the clockwise direction.When we return 4th from Sy in Mesha in geocentric system we get Makara rashi in 10.bhava.I think that this referse to Lagnesha in 10.bhava.So siddha is in 10.bhava,Makara rashi,where is digbala Sy.” Siddha asociated more with the Sun,day and the Maharsis are asociated more with the Moon,night.The siddha sits in 4th from the Sun and south of Saptarsis,10th from the Moon”. So,10th from the Moon is Karka rashi in heliocentric system. When we return 10th from Ch in geocentric system we get Karka rashi in 4.bhava.So,Maharsis are sitting in Karka rashi,where is digbala Ch.

    In Ganesha ckakra,apasavya everything is reverse.Vriscika is on Lagna because of Ketu,Ganesha.:-) When Ketu is on Lagna/AL all the rashis go in a reverse direction and the counting also goes in the reverse direction.Therefore,4th from Sy in Sinha is Vriscika lagna,siddha is on Lagna.I think that this refers to Lord of 10th bhava on Lagna. 10th from the Moon in the reverse direction is also Vriscika lagna,where Maharsis are sitting. From this we can see that siddha and Maharsis can be in the same bhava, on Lagna in Ganesha,apasavya chakra.”The Moon has to do with the blood.So the Rsis are the progenitors of the all creatures.Siddha are not progenitors.” Guruji mentioned also that somebody who is Rsi does not mean that can be a siddha and vice versa.Hanuman is a siddha but he never got married.But since the Maharsis and siddha are on Lagna in Ganesha,apasavya chakra it is a posibility that someone who is Rsi can be a siddha at the same time..probably.  Also the reason why during the sukla/krsna paksha of the month of Bhadrapada and Sun in Leo the pitrs are worshipped is Ganesha chakra,I think.

    Since we have Sy in Mesha,Scanda chakra (Lagnesha in 10.bhava) where counting is in the clockwise direction and Sy in Sinha,Ganesha,apasavya chakra (the Lord of 10th on Lagna) where counting is in the reverse direction..I am not sure but I think that because of this we have Surya vimsa/sama pada. So if somebody has Surya in Makara for example,4th in reverse direction is Mesha.Therefore,the abijit rashi,siddha is in Mesha rashi.     I hope that this time I understood Sutra 1.35 better..

    Guruji,did I understand good?




    Sanjay Rath

    Your observation is very good.

    So we can say that there is some connection or similarity between 7th house and 12th house. These are like ‘going away’ or ‘vaha-bhava’. Vivaha is also from vaha. Planets and signs in these places from arudha are opposite and take one away.

    8th and 12th has a strong connection to death. Thats Jaimini we learn later


    Sanjay Rath

    Also very brilliant observation about Ganesha Chakra.



    Om Gurave Namah

    Dear Guruji,

    Thank you very much. I am so happy that I understood good. :-))






    Om Gurave Namah

    Dear Guruji,Sarbaniji,Ajayji

    In Brahma tri – sad – aya places Rahu is very strong..In Gemini Rahu is egzalted.Virgo has two lords – Mercury and Rahu. Also Aquarius has two lords – Saturn and Rahu.So,because of Rahu we have three black smiles in Gemini,Virgo and Aquarius,I think.Brahma sits in 6th house and his punishment is in 6th house.

    This is the chart of the man who doesnt have limbs..His name is Nick Vujicic. Born without limbs for no medical reason.He is motivational speaker.

    Date : December 4,1982. Time : 04:35 am  Place : Melbourne,Australia


    The Lagna is Libra (Thula) and the 6th house is Pisces.Jupiter who is the 6th lord is placed in 2nd house,in Vrishcika.Jupiter has parivartana with Ketu.The Sun is at 17 degree and Lagnesha Venus is at 24 degree in Vrishcika.So,the Sun has combust Venus – Lagnesha.The Moon is in Gemini with Rahu in 9th house.The Sun is Bhadakesh and in 4th house from the Sun is Aquarius (Abijit). One lord Saturn is on Lagna egzalted and second lord is Rahu in Gemini with the Moon. Mercury is at 25 degree in Vriscika.The Sun has combust Mercury also.The Sun and Mercury are in Jyestha Nakshatra,lord is Mercury. Dispozitor of the Moon is Mercury at 25 degree and the Moon is at 25 degree,so Me and Mo are at the same degree (I hope my JH is correct).Mercury is AmK and Moon is AK. So,Brahmas punishment is very strong here and body – Mercury,prthivi tattva has serious defect.The Creation is badly affected.   It is very interesting that he is motivational speaker – Mercury..  ( I am trying to find some charts with autism also..)


    ” ऋ is the father of all this manifested universe,Shiva  and ल is the mother of this manifested universe,Parvati.  The vowel ल  is means earth mother or the mother of the Gods.Every soul that incarnates comes from outside the earth plane and for this purpose the mother that bears the soul as a child is “l” (ल) .Applying the transformation “l” or long “l” into “la” ल,we are able to derive the mana akshara for prthvi tattva (earth element) as la ल,which comes from the soul level -long l.”

    So,in Muladhara mandala the yellow square represents the mother of Earth, Parvati. I think that yellow square control prthivi tattva and her son Ganesha represents prithivi tattva.Because of that ल lam beeja is in the centar of this yellow square.

    श (šam),is Bhu shakti,Sarasvati,ष (sham) is Sri shakti and स (sam) is Nila shakti,Kali,I think.

    Did I understood good about Muladhara mandala,3 shakti and three sad aya houses?





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