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    Hare Rama Krishna

    Pranam Guruji, Sarbaniji and Ajayji

    (Jyotiji and myself have done the assignment 2.03 part 2 together)

    We saw some charts in astro bank

    lagna Lord is Mercury combust in 6th house in Aquarius (natural 11th)

    as he is placed in a bad house there is problem in creation.

    Lord of 2nd house Venus in Capricorn afflicted by Rahu one of the lords of natural 11th.

    As Rahu aspects both lagna and lagna Lord the creation is badly affected.

    Saturn another Lord of Aquarius also aspecting the 2nd Lord by Griha Dristi and aspecting lagna Lord Mercury and Moon by Rasi dristi

    Moon is 11th lord from Lagna placed in the 12th

    thus this chart shows creation problems …native affected by autism


    Guruji we hope we have followed your teaching correctly…please let us know if we are correct.

    I saw many horoscopes and wanted one with Moon in Gemini, Virgo or Aquarius…but could not get one…all the autistic charts that we saw (5 charts)  had moon in other places…but yes afflicted…so was curious to know the reason …but yes Mercury and 2nd lords were severely afflicted

    I will post other charts tomorrow






    Sanjay Rath

    Very good analysis. The focus of the lesson is on the 6th house and particularly on the 6th lord. This is responsible for punishing you in this life.

    Start like this: The Lagna is Kanya and the 6th bhava is Kumbha. Lagnesa is ill placed in the 6th bhava. In such a case it is imperative that the Lagnesha MUST be stronger than the 6th Lord …

    Kumbha has two lords – Rahu and Saturn. Then from there you continue….”Lord of 2nd…” as given in your study



    Hare Rama Krishna

    Pranams Guruji, Sarbaniji and Ajayji

    Thank you very much for the guidance Guruji. I have now understood how to start the analysis

    Thank you once again






    Hare Rama Krishna

    Pranam Guruji, Sarbaniji and Ajayji

    (Jyotiji and myself have done the assignment 2.03 part 2 together) here we are posting a few more charts

    autism case 1

    Date:          January 31, 1979

    Time:          3:00:00

    Time Zone:     0:00:00 (West of GMT)   Place:         0 E 05′ 00″, 51 N 32′ 00″   Barking, United Kingdom

    ·         Scorpio Lagna.  One of its lords Ketu in Aquarius (natural 11th house) with Chandra. Affliction by rahu and Saturn

    ·         Natural 11th house Aquarius …. Has badakesh moon and is afflicted with ketu; ketu is the co-lord of lagna. Affliction by rahu and Saturn Griha dristi

    ·         from lagna;

    .   3rd H has sun, mars and mercury, sun has combust mercury (lord of 11,but also natural 3rd and 6th Lord)) and mars (lagna lord and 6th L)

    .   The natural 6th house and 11th from Lagna  Virgo is affected by Rahu dristi and its Lord Mercury is also afflicted as said above. So there is a creation defect

    .   2nd lord jupiter is placed in badaka sthana and is aspected by sun, mars, mercury, it also has the rasi dristi of badakesh from aquarius

    .   In 2nd the 12th Lord venus is placed and rahu is afflicting both venus and second house.

    ·   Moon is the AK, –  Mercury, Sun, Mars are in the star of moon (badhaka), shravana


    Autism case 2

    Date:          March 8, 1986

    Time:          9:30:00

    Time Zone:     5:00:00 (West of GMT)

    Place:         71 W 12′ 00″, 42 N 20′ 00″

    Newton Highlands (subdivision), Massachusetts, USA

    Rishabha Lagna.

    Lagna lord who is also 6th Lord from lagna(Venus)  and 6th Lord of the natural zodiac(Mercury), both are placed in the 11th House from Lagna. Lagna afflicted by dristi of Rahu, Saturn and Mars. So creation is afflicted.

    ·  From lagna

    .   3rd LORD moon (AK) in badhaka sthana

    .   Mars who is in Marana karaka  is with badhakesh in the 7th H, with rasi dristi of Rahu(11th Lord from zodiac).

    .   2nd Lord Me in 11th  (mercury is lord of natural 3rd and 6th houses)

    Can we have a more clear picture on this chart, guruji ?

    Autism case 3

    Date:          July 12, 1966

    Time:          21:59:00

    Time Zone:     8:00:00 (West of GMT)

    Place:         118 W 14′ 34″, 34 N 03′ 08″

    Los Angeles, California, USA

    ·         Lagna is aquarius, rahu Lagna Lord  is in the 3rd and Lagna Lord (Saturn)  is in 2nd House

    ·         The natural 3rd & 6th lord Mercury  is in cancer (6th House from lagna) and his dispositor Moon who is the 6th Lord from the lagna  is placed in the 3rd house with Rahu.

    ·         The natural 3rd house is afflicted with mars sun and the 2nd Lord Jupiter who is combust.

    .         the natural 6th house Virgo depicting the prithvi tattva is afflicted by the dristi of Saturn.

    Guruji in this chart I have a question…the natural 6th house prithvi tattva shows affliction by the colord of the natural 11th house. so here is that the main reason of creation problem.

    Autism case 4

    Date:          February 25, 1971

    Time:          3:20:00

    Time Zone:     1:00:00 (East of GMT)

    Place:         3 E 53′ 00″, 43 N 36′ 00″

    Montpellier, France

    ·         Scorpio Lagna. Lagna Lord Mars is also the 6th Lord is placed in Lagna itself. He is placed with the 2nd lord and both are afflicted by the Rasi dristi of Saturn, and rahu who are the co lord of natural 11th house, and also by rasi dristi of Ketu

    .   Venus Ak is the 12th Lord is in the 2nd House. So both these factors affect creation.

    .   Natural 11th house aquarius is afflicted with badakesh  (moon) along with sun and Mercury (who is the natural 3rd and 6th Lord)  afflicted by rahu

    .   Mercury, as lord of prithvi tatwa is sitting with the badhakesh of the chart. So creation is afflicted

    .   3rd House has Rahu, and 6th House has Saturn, and they both are lords of natural 11th house.


    in charts 2 and 3 we do not see chandra in the tri sadaya houses. I am not sure If I have misunderstood….that you have said Chandra must be in any of these 3 houses to see creation problems. then how do I justify the charts 2 and 3….please correct me if I am wrong.






    Sanjay Sharma

    Pranam Guruvar,

    I have seen few cases of autism or related issues and would share detail as and when i get birth details. First case is –

    Female child diagnosed autism at the age of 2+ years, lost speech almost completely, was on a prolonged medication for some abnormal electrical discharge in brain(EEG) and therapies and recovered. She is now part of regular school and in fact is a good public speaker. Typically Autism is a developmental disorder and there is no cure (it has to be managed).

    Birth details are fairly correct (born in hospital in Delhi) though correction of few minutes may be required as this was a normal birth while Swansh shows Rahu +Mangal

    There are leads following principals given by Guruji – Lagnesh in Kumbha in 11th and 11th lord Rahu in Lagna; Budh is in 6th though is Kanya it is combust (about 7 degree from sun). 2nd lord in swakshetra in 7th but with Ketu.

    Redeeming features are Chandra in Mooltrikone (vargottam) in 2nd and Guru vargottam in 5th

    Guruji – can we say with confidence that this was a creation defect like autism? or this was a mis-diagnisis? If this was something like Autism then can we still have hope if strong Chandra and Guru support?



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