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ॐ गुरवे नमः
om gurave namaḥ

Student Certification Guidelines

  1. The final assessment of Jaimini Scholar students, after completing all 4 Adhyayas of the JUS Course with their personal Jaimini Scholar Mentor, will be by oral examination (Viva Voce), in the tradition of our Jyotish parampara.
  2. The first point to note is that assessment is not about pass or fail. Either the student is ready to become a Certified Jaimini Scholar or not. If not, then the student can do more study and preparation, and submit themselves for re-assessment at a later date (minimum of 6 months from previous assessment).
  3. Therefore, it is important that Jaimini Scholar Mentors only recommend their students for assessment when the Mentor feels that the student is “ready” for assessment. After all, the Mentor knows the student very well after 4+ years of regular study and contact. In some cases, therefore, there will be some time lapse before completing the final year of the JUS course and submission for assessment, and the Mentor can then individually help the student to prepare for assessment. There is no time limit on this.
  4. The student will be assessed separately and individually by two Jaimini Scholars (excluding their Mentor), from the Assessment Panel (see Point 6 below), each assessment lasting 45 minutes.
  5. During the two assessments, the student will need to answer questions relating to specific parts of the JUS course and to key fundamental principles. The assessment will take place via Skype Video-phone and the session will be recorded and sent to the Head of Certification, together with a report/recommendation by the assessor, either for certification approval, or for more time for the student to absorb the key fundamentals of the course. If both assessors agree positively on the outcome, then the student will be recommended to Pandit Sanjay Rath for the award of the Jaimini Scholar Diploma. If, however, one assessment does not meet the required standard, a third assessment will be arranged by a third Jaimini Scholar from the Assessment Panel.
  6. The assessors will be selected from the following Jaimini Scholars: Steve Hubball (Head of Certification), Andrew Foss, Sat Siri Khalsa, Branka Larsen, Visti Larsen, Sarbani Rath, Ajay Zharotia (this group will comprise ‘The Assessment Panel’).
  7. The fee for assessment will be 200 Euros, which will include payment to the assessors, printing and postage of certificates, and other administration costs. This fee should be sent to Steve Hubball by PayPal ( when the student registers for assessment, together with a photograph of the student, birth data etc. After receipt of the fee, the Head of Certification will then help the student connect with their assessors to arrange a convenient time and date for their assessment via Skype.

Steve Hubball
Department Head
Jaimini Scholar Certification

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