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Jaimini Scholar Program

By Steve Hubball
The Jaimini Scholar Program seeks to continue the esteemed Jyotish lineage of Pandit Sanjay Rath and Atri Gotra, and reveal the true teachings and spiritual wisdom of Maharishi Parashara and Maharishi Jaimini. This lineage traces directly from the enlightened Jyotishi Sri Achutyananda Das (born 1510), the teaching being passed down within the Brahmin families unbroken for 500 years.

For the first time outside of these few Brahmin families in Orissa, and by the grace of the Rishis through our Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath, the real deep secrets of Maharishi Jaimini’s Upadesha Sutras are now being taught through the Jaimini Scholar Program. Maharishi Jaimini’s guru’s guru was Maharishi Parashara and these Upadesha sutras actually explain the correct method of applying many of the techniques found in Parashara’s text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. For centuries many erudite astrologers have struggled to interpret what Parashara and Jaimini really meant, even to the extent that many thought Jaimini had created his own tradition separate from that of Parashara. However, the true meaning of the word Upadesha is: ‘instructions and advice from the master’, clearly showing that the sutras are the teaching of the tradition and thus coming down from Parashara.

Pandit Sanjay Rath has personally trained 23 Jaimini Scholars in a five year program to become the custodians of the spiritual knowledge and wisdom of this 500 year old Jyotisha tradition to which Sanjay belongs. They were certified as Jaimini Scholars on 31st October 2011 at Bhim Tal, India. For five long years, these Scholars dedicated themselves to the study of the sutras at classes held in the Himalayas in the Kumaon region of India. These Jaimini Scholars in turn, have the responsibility to teach students themselves, who will then also become Jaimini Scholars. To this lineage we are greatly indebted and those who are part of it aspire to uphold this sacred knowledge to its highest and utmost dignity.

What does the course involve?

The Jaimini Scholar program is a five year course based on the Upadesha Sutras of Maharishi Jaimini (one adhyaya per year). Each year is also related to one of the four Vedas. All of Sanjay’s lectures to the Jaimini Scholars in India were recorded, and all students can have web access to these recordings, if they so wish. Thus every Jaimini Scholar will receive exactly the same teachings and materials as those originally taught by Sanjay; however, these teachings must be learned through a Certified Jaimini Scholar. This course is now being offered in India as the Second Himalaya Batch which started in 2012.

How do I become a Jaimini Scholar?

To become a Jaimini Scholar you first need to be selected as a student of a Certified Jaimini Scholar. A list of Certified Jaimini Scholars is available online at Jaimini Scholars for your ready reference. Certification depends upon receiving direct teaching from a Jaimini scholar, as the ‘word’ can only be transmitted from the mouth as was done originally by Brahma in teaching the Vedas. Therefore the actual teaching of the sutras will be given in person while preparatory lessons are conducted online. This course is unique in the history of Jyotisha and may not be offered again for a very long time. It is a very serious study requiring commitment and dedication. Please contact me for further information about enrolling and you can also visit Jaimini Scholar Programme for more information.

What are the fees?

In addition to the teacher fees, (which vary from teacher to teacher) there is a website fee of €200 to access the slides and lectures given by Sanjay in India, and all the other teaching material. This payment of €200 to the Devaguru Brihaspati Centre is also required to obtain certification for successful graduates.

What background do I need?

A good general background in Jyotish is recommended. Also, one should aspire to have a basic grounding in Sanskrit but this can be developed as we go through the course. This course is also a sadhana, or serious spiritual practice, and eligible students should be practicing some form of meditation and yoga.



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