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om parameṣṭhi gurave namaḥ

Application Form

The Jaimini Scholar Program will be conducted annually starting 2017 with Jupiter in Virgo aspecting Ketu. As some may know, Jaimini Ṛṣi is connected to the planet Ketu (gotra), and it is with the empowerment of Ketu that a proper Jaimini transmission can be achieved. It will be in a workshop format (not a conference) that will intensively go into depth in a way that will transform the way students think and process astrological information. It will also be the first of five workshops to cover the four adhyāya (chapters).

All applicants will be required to attend the Himalaya Classes held at BhimTal, Uttarakhand, India for period of about 2-4 weeks annually. This commitment has to be made to learn the sutra – the online lessons are merely preparatory and Maharṣi Jaimini kṛta Upadeśa Sūtra has to be taught orally. The first JSP Year-1 shall start on Thursday, 24 Aug, 2017 and shall be for two weeks. There is only space for 40 applicants at the upcoming Jaimini Sutras workshop. The following application will be used to select students that are best prepared for intensive learning in traditional Indian format and to keep proper records of attendees.

Please fill this out and return it to become a candidate in the acceptance process.