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ॐ गुरवे नमः
om gurave namaḥ

Join JSP Year-2

rishi kanya
ब्रह्मवादिनी महादेवी अनसूया
brahmavādinī mahādevī anasūyā

Only those who have attended the JSP Year-1 at Udaipur in Jan, 2017 can pay fees and join the course. Also those who had prior permission of leave granted by Pt. Sanjay Rath can pay fees. Please furnish a copy of the letter for approval for JSP Year-2.

Joining Options
There are three options to join JSP Year-2 in 2018-19. The Standard Fees $1008 which can be paid in full upfront or a slightly more expensive Subscription option of $108 per month.
Finally we also have scholarships for many of those deserving students who cannot pay for the PJC Course. Before you choose a subsidized fee, bear in mind that we would need the prior approval of the Course Mentor Mrs. Sarbani Rath.
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JSP Year-1 Fees
Full Fee
  • Full Fee for Academic Year
  • Complete Access Online
  • No Monthly Hassles
  • No Concession
Before Aug 2018
  • Fee for Academic Year
  • Complete Access Online
  • Monthly payment for 12 months
  • Unpaid Subscription = Termination
India Full
Before Aug 2018
  • Full Fee for Academic Year
  • Complete Access Online
  • No Monthly Hassles
  • No Concession
India Concession
Before Aug 2018
  • Fee for Academic Year
  • Complete Access Online
  • No Monthly Hassles
  • 50% Concession

JSP-2 Contact Class Schedule

The classes for JSP Year-2 will be taught exclusively by Pt. Sanjay Rath with the assistance of Sarbani Rath on some afternoons.

Date Day AM PM
10-Jan-19 Thu Vrddha Bhāva Vrddha Bhāva
11-Jan-19 Fri Three Pairs Moon Method
12-Jan-19 Sat Khanda: Compartment Three Lords
13-Jan-19 Sun Sthira Karaka Sthira Karaka
14-Jan-19 Mon Sthira Karaka Sthira Karaka
15-Jan-19 Tue Rudra, Brahma, Maheśvara Brahma Daśā
16-Jan-19 Wed
17-Jan-19 Thu Sthira Daśā Sula Daśā
18-Jan-19 Fri Sula Daśā Results
19-Jan-19 Sat Karaka Kendradi Daśā Antardaśā
20-Jan-19 Sun Various Gati; Manduka Daśā Niryana Sula Daśā
21-Jan-19 Mon Yogardha Daśā Drg Daśā
22-Jan-19 Tue Nārāyaṇa Daśā Varga Nārāyaṇa Daśā
23-Jan-19 Wed
24-Jan-19 Thu Navāṁśa Daśā Pada Navāṁśa Daśā

Ekaliṅgeśvara Schedule

This year JSP Year-1, we have quite a schedule as we aim to complete the entire set of sutra in the Contact Classes at Udaipur. While this will give you a very solid foundation for the remaining part of the Jaimini Scholar Program, our real aim is to send the soul power into a great trajectory of search for the truth. Like a rocket can reach its goal only if the initial thrust is stupendous, so also it is necessary for us to give you such a boost.


Most of the classes are meant to be taken by Pt. Sanjay Rath, but in view of his temporary setback in health conditions, he is forced by the medical advice to lessen his work load. Accordingly, everyday, two of the periods would be handled by co-teachers who are Jaimini Scholars and have finished another batch of this JSP (another India batch).


8-10am 10.30-12.30pm 2-4pm 4.30-6pm
04-01-2018 Thu 1 Upadeśa Dṛṣṭi Argala Charts
05-01-2018 Fri 2 Ātmakāraka Charakāraka Sthira Kāraka Charts
06-01-2018 Sat 3 Ātmā Bandhana Charts Nārāyaṇa Daśā Antardaśā
07-01-2018 Sun 4 Āruḍha Āruḍha Bhāva Dārāpada AL, A7, Argala
08-01-2018 Mon 5 Upapada UL Bhāva Various Yoga Complexion
09-01-2018 Tue 6 Svāṁśa Signs Charts Svāṁśa Planets Charts
10-01-2018 Wed 7 Pañca ātmika Tattva Bheda
11-01-2018 Thu 8 Svāṁśa Bhāva Koṇa Kendra Charts
12-01-2018 Fri 9 Uccha Loka Loka and Graha Graha & Devatā Bhakti Yoga
13-01-2018 Sat 10 Legitimacy Rājayoga
14-01-2018 Sun 11 Disease Kemadruma Daśā-Pāka
15-01-2018 Mon 12 Bandhana Yoga Gaunapada Reading Charts
16-01-2018 Tue 13 Bhāveśa Yoga Reading Charts
17-01-2018 Wed 14 Bhavat-Bhāva & Chhandas
18-01-2018 Thu 15 Viśeṣa Lagna Yogadā Reading Charts
19-01-2018 Fri 16 Siblings Reading Charts
20-01-2018 Sat 17 Upapada Koṇa Saptāṁśa Reading Charts
21-01-2018 Sun 18 Navakkāri Reading Charts

Student Certification Guidelines

  1. The final assessment of Jaimini Scholar students, after completing all 4 Adhyayas of the JUS Course with their personal Jaimini Scholar Mentor, will be by oral examination (Viva Voce), in the tradition of our Jyotish parampara.
  2. The first point to note is that assessment is not about pass or fail. Either the student is ready to become a Certified Jaimini Scholar or not. If not, then the student can do more study and preparation, and submit themselves for re-assessment at a later date (minimum of 6 months from previous assessment).
  3. Therefore, it is important that Jaimini Scholar Mentors only recommend their students for assessment when the Mentor feels that the student is “ready” for assessment. After all, the Mentor knows the student very well after 4+ years of regular study and contact. In some cases, therefore, there will be some time lapse before completing the final year of the JUS course and submission for assessment, and the Mentor can then individually help the student to prepare for assessment. There is no time limit on this.
  4. The student will be assessed separately and individually by two Jaimini Scholars (excluding their Mentor), from the Assessment Panel (see Point 6 below), each assessment lasting 45 minutes.
  5. During the two assessments, the student will need to answer questions relating to specific parts of the JUS course and to key fundamental principles. The assessment will take place via Skype Video-phone and the session will be recorded and sent to the Head of Certification, together with a report/recommendation by the assessor, either for certification approval, or for more time for the student to absorb the key fundamentals of the course. If both assessors agree positively on the outcome, then the student will be recommended to Pandit Sanjay Rath for the award of the Jaimini Scholar Diploma. If, however, one assessment does not meet the required standard, a third assessment will be arranged by a third Jaimini Scholar from the Assessment Panel.
  6. The assessors will be selected from the following Jaimini Scholars: Steve Hubball (Head of Certification), Andrew Foss, Sat Siri Khalsa, Branka Larsen, Visti Larsen, Sarbani Rath, Ajay Zharotia (this group will comprise ‘The Assessment Panel’).
  7. The fee for assessment will be 200 Euros, which will include payment to the assessors, printing and postage of certificates, and other administration costs. This fee should be sent to Steve Hubball by PayPal ( when the student registers for assessment, together with a photograph of the student, birth data etc. After receipt of the fee, the Head of Certification will then help the student connect with their assessors to arrange a convenient time and date for their assessment via Skype.

Steve Hubball
Department Head
Jaimini Scholar Certification

Ekaliṅgeśvara Contact Class

About Bhairav Garh Palace

The Bhairav Garh perched on top of the picturesque Aravali hills in the heart of Mewar Region is a luxurious hotel synonymous with regal hospitality, preservation of tradition and refined taste, and is set in the midst of natural surroundings, it really is a haven of peace and tranquility. It is a brilliant addition to the ever growing hospitality industry of Udaipur.With the vision of providing a collection of unique & luxury Services, we are establishing global standards of product quality and service excellence.

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Join JSP – Pay Fees

Only those who have the prior approval of the Course Mentor can pay fees and join the course. You must have a letter of Admission to the JSP Course. First priority will be given to the PJC Students.

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Welcome to the Jaimini Scholar Program

You have taken a monumental decision to study this great classic of Maharṣi Jaimini. It contains just FOUR Chapters and we have planned to complete it in 5 years. We shall do our best to stick to this schedule. However, you can take more or less time depending on the amount of time you have to devote to jyotiṣa every day. My advice is to take out an hour at least for this study every day and do not try to study this only on weekends as the memory falters if not replenished with more information that will help to digest what you have already learnt.

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About Us

Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center
Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center (DBC) is a subsidiary of Śrī Jagannāth Center (SJC) that was established (1998) in India with the objective of teaching in the tradition (jyotiṣa paraṁparā) of Śrī Acyutānanda Dāsa of Oḍisā. We emphasize and adhere to the wise teachings of the Maharṣi’s like Parāśara and Jaimini. Mentors are called jyotiṣa gurus who are well qualified and participate or head study centres.
SJC attempts to infuse the highest standards of integrity through the strict discipline of yogic practices of Vedic tradition including training in remedial measures. Meditation including dhyāna, dhāraṇa, and pranayama is taught to ensure spiritual discipline while classes on scriptures and Sanskrit ensure a balanced spiritual growth along with the knowledge of astrology.

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Jyotisa Guru

Pt.Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri, Orissa, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Sri Achyutananda).
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Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center is committed to the highest standards of vedic astrology, and we can say with confidence that we have the finest, most rigorous courses and most erudite scholars to teach the same.
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Sagittarius Publications

Sagittarius Publications is the publisher and distributor the popular quaterly magazine the Jyotish Digest, as well as many thorough books on the subject of Vedic Astrology or Jyotish.
Among its popular publications are Collected Papers in Vedic Astrology, Brihat Nakshatra and Maharishi Jaimini Upadesa Sutra by Sanjay Rath and Nakshatra Vibhuti
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Sohamsa offers online courses in jyotish (Vedic Astrology) taught directly by Sanjay Rath as per the tradition, through narrated power points and other audio tools. The courses are at different levels, from the beginners through the intermediate to the advanced and are known as SoHamsa | DBC courses, with individual classrooms and assistant teachers
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